3TK2804 Datasheet – Contactor Safety Combination

This post explains for the semiconductor 3TK2804.

The Part Number is 3TK2804.

The function of this semiconductor is Contactor Safety Combination.

Manufacturers : Siemens

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Contactor Safety Combination Instructions 3TK2803, 3TK2804 3TK2907, 3TK29.3 DIN EN 60439 Part 1/ VDE 0660 Part 500 (04.94) Order No.: 3ZX1012-0TK20-1AA2 English WARNING: HAZARDOUS VOLTAGE CAN CAUSE ELECTRICAL SHOCK AND BURNS. DoImSCONNECT POWER BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH ANY WORK ON THIS EQUIPMENT. Operation permissible in switchgear cabinet with degree of protection IP 54 only! Application The contactor safety combinations can be used in EMERGENCY-OFF circuits and for monitoring protective devices (e.g. protective screens). Functions and connections The internal control circuit of the contactor safety combination is designed according to DIN EN 60204, Part 1 (VDE 0113, Part 1), para., so that in the case of a fault in one of the contactor relays the function of the safety circuit is maintained. The supply voltage must meet the requirements of the DIN EN 60204 (VDE 0113, Part 1) (the terminals “L-/N; A2“ must be connected to that side of the control curren […]

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3TK2804 Datasheet

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