3BR1565, 3BR1565JP Datasheet – SMPS Current Mode Controller

Part Number : 3BR1565, ICE3BR1565JF

Function : SMPS Current Mode Controller

Package : TO220-6PIN

Manufacturers : Infineon Technologies


3BR1565 datasheet

Description :

The CoolSET-F3R FullPak is the enhanced version of CoolSET-F3 and targets for the Off-Line Adapters and high power range SMPS in DVD R/W, DVD Combi, set top box, etc. It has a wide Vcc range to 25V by adopting the BiCMOS technology. With the merit of Active Burst Mode, it can achieve the lowest Standby Power Requirements (<100mW) at no load and Vin = 270VAC.


3BR1565 pinout


1. 650V avalanche rugged CoolMOS with built-in Startup Cell
2. Active Burst Mode for lowest Standby Power
3. Fast load jump response in Active Burst Mode
4. 67kHz internally fixed switching frequency
5. Auto Restart Protection Mode for Overload, Open Loop, VCC Undervoltage, Overtemperature & Overvoltage
6. Built-in Soft Start
7. Built-in blanking window with extendable

Superfast Recovery 3-Phase Silicon Bridge Rectifiers

ICE3BR1565JF datasheet

R dson = 1.5 Ohm, ICE3BR1565JF

P out max = 68W / 125W 

3BR1565 Datasheet PDF Download

3BR1565 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : 3BR1565JF, ICE3BR1565JF

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