3DD127D PDF Datasheet – 400V, 2.5A, 50W – NPN Transistor

This post describes for the semiconductor 3DD127D.

The function of this semiconductor is 400V, 2.5A, NPN Transistor.

The package is TO-126F Type

The manufacturer of this parts is Huajing Microelectronics.

See the preview image and the 3DD127D Datasheet PDF file for more information.

Pinout3DD127D pinout


The 3DD127D is a silicon NPN power switching transistor, which uses a planar process, a partial pressure ring terminal structure and a few child life control technology, integrated active anti-saturation network, improve the product breakdown voltage, switching speed and reliability.

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3DD127D datasheet pinout


1. Low switching losses

2. Reverse leakage current is small

3. High temperature characteristics

4. Suitable switching speed

5. High reliability


1. Compact electronic energy saving lamp

2. Electronic ballast

3. General power switch circuit



3DD127D Datasheet PDF


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