3N150 Datasheet – N-Channel, 1500V, 2.5A, MOSFET

Part Number : 3N150, STFW3N150, STP3N150, STW3N150

Function : N-channel 1500V, 2.5A, MOSFET

Package :  TO-3PF, H2PAK-2, TO-220 and TO247 Pin Type

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics


3N150 MOSFET Transistor

Description :

These Power MOSFETs are designed using the company’s consolidated strip layout-based MESH OVERLAY process. The result is a product that matches or improves on the performance of comparable standard parts from other manufacturers.

Pinout :

3N150 datasheet pinout


3N150 Transistor MOSFET

1. 100% avalanche tested
2. Intrinsic capacitances and Qg minimized
3. High speed switching
4. Fully isolated TO-3PF plastic package, creepage distance path is 5.4 mm (typ.)


1. Switching applications

Other data sheets within the file : STFW3N150, STH3N150-2, STP3N150, STW3N150

3N150 Datasheet PDF Download

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