45PE80 Datasheet – Micron Serial NOR Flash Memory

Part Number : 45PE80

Function : Micron Serial NOR Flash Memory

Manufacturers : Micron Technology

Pinouts :

45PE80 datasheet

Description :

3V, 8MB Page Erasable with Byte Alterability – M45PE80

• SPI bus-compatible serial interface
• 75 MHz clock frequency (MAX)
• 2.7–3.6V single supply voltage
• 8Mb of page-erasable Flash memory
• Page size: 256 bytes
  – Page write: 11ms (TYP)
  – Page program: 0.8ms (TYP)
  – Page erase: 10ms (TYP)
• Sector erase: 64KB
• Hardware write protection of the bottom memory area 64KB

Other data sheets within the file : M45PE80

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