47N60C3 PDF – Cool MOS Power Transistor – SPW47N60C3

47N60C3 is 650V, Cool MOS Power Transistor. Full Part Number is SPW47N60C3.

The package is PG-TO247 type.

The manufacturer of this transistor is Infineon Technologies.

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47N60C3 datasheet image

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47N60C3 pdf pinout

Description :

1. New revolutionary high voltage technology
2. Worldwide best RDS(on)in TO 247
3. Ultra low gate charge
4. Periodic avalanche rated
5. Extreme dv/dt rated
6. Ultra low effective capacitances
7. Ordering Code : Q67040-S4491

For further information on technology, delivery terms and conditions and prices, please
contact the nearest Infineon Technologies Office (www.infineon.com).


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47N60C3 Datasheet