4N60B Datasheet – N-Chanel Power MOSFET

This post explains for the semiconductor 4N60B.

The Part Number is 4N60B.

The function of this semiconductor is N-Chanel Power MOSFET.

Manufacturers : angstrem

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Description :

N-Chanel Power MOSFET ANA4N60B, ANP4N60B, ANB4N60B, AND4N60B, ANI4N60B, ANU4N60B Rdson=2,2 , Vds=600 V, Qg(tot)=12 nC Applications      SMPS PFC Features Low Qg Low Rdson RoHS compliant 1 Gate 2 Drain 3 Source Table 1. Device summary Part numbers ANA4N60B ANP4N60B ANB4N60B AND4N60B ANI4N60B ANU4N60B Marking A4N60B P4N60B B4N60B D4N60B I4N60B U4N60B Package TO-220FP TO-220 D²PAK DPAK I PAK IPAK Value TO-220FP TO-220 D²PAK I2PAK DPAK IPAK 2 Packaging Tube Tube Tape and reel Tape and reel Tube Tube Units Table 2. Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol ID ID IDM(1) VGS PD Parameter Drain current (continuous), VGS= at TC = 25°C Drain current (continuous), VGS= at TC = 100°C Drain current (pulsed) at TC = 25°C Gate-source voltage Maximum Power Dissipation at TC = 25°C Maximum Power Dissipation at TC = 100°C Storage temperature Operating junction temperature Soldering Temperature, for 10 sec. Mounting Torque, 6-32 or M3 Screw 4 2,5 16 ±20 25 ― -55 … +150 -55 … +1 […]

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4N60B Datasheet

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