50N60 Datasheet PDF – 600V, 60A, IGBT – IXYS

Part Number : 50N60

Function : 60A, 600V, IGBT with Reverse Blocking capability

Package : TO-247AD Type

Manufacturers : IXYS CORPORATION

Pinouts :

50N60 datasheet

Description :

1. IGBT with NPT (non punch through) structure
2. Reverse blocking capability independent from gate voltage.
(1) Function of series diode monolithically integrated
(2) No external series diode required
(3) Soft reverse recovery
3. Positive temperature coefficient of saturation voltage
(1) Optimum current distribution when paralleled


1. Converters requiring reverse blocking capability:
(1) Current source inverters
(2) Matrix converters
(3) Bi-directional switches
(4) Resonant converters
(5) Induction heating

Other data sheets within the file : 50N80, IXRH50N60, IXRH50N80

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