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UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD 5N25Z Preliminary Power MOSFET 3.8A, 250V N-CHANNEL MOSFET  Description The UTC 5N25Z is an N-Channel enhancement MOSFET, it uses UTC’s advanc ed techn ology to provid e customers with a minimum on-state resistance, hig h s witching spe ed and lo w gate charge. It can also withstand hig h e nergy pu lse i n the avala nche and commutation modes. The UT C 5N25Z is suitable for high efficie ncy s witching D C/DC converter, motor control and switch mode power supply.  Features – RDS(ON)<1.2Ω @ VGS=10V - Low gate charge ( Typ=14nC) - Low CRSS ( Typ=6.0pF) - High switching speed - ESD Capability  SYMBOL  ORDERING INFORMATION Package TO-252 TO-252 Pin Assignment 1 2 3 G D S G D S Packing Tube Tape Reel Ordering Number Lead Free Halogen Free 5N25ZL-TN3-T 5N25ZG-TN3-T 5N25ZL-TN3-R 5N25ZG-TN3-R Note: Pin Assignment: G: Gate D: Drain S: Source www.unisonic.com.tw Copyright © 2014 Unisonic Technologies Co., Ltd 1 of 6 QW-R502-853.b http:// 5N25Z  Preliminary Power MOSFET ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (TC=25°C, unless otherwise noted) UNIT PARAMETER SYMBOL RATINGS Drain-Source Voltage VDSS 250 V Gate-Source Voltage VGSS ±20 V Continuous I A D 3.8 Drain Current Pulsed (Note 2) IDM 9 A Avalanche Current (Note 2) IAR 3.8 A Single Pulsed (Note 3) EAS 60 mJ Avalanche Energy Repetitive (Note 2) EAR 3.7 mJ Peak Diode Recovery dv/dt (Note 4) dv/dt 5.5 V/ns 2.5 W TA=25°C Power Dissipation TC=25°C 37 PD W Derate above 25°C 0.29 W/°C Junction Temperature TJ -55~ +150 °C Storage Temperature Range TSTG -55~ +150 °C Note: 1. Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond which the device could be permanently damaged. Absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only and functional device operation is not implied. 2. Repetitive Rating: Pulse width limited by maximum junction temperature. 3. L=6.2mH, IAS=3.8A, VDD=50V, RG=25Ω, Starting TJ=25°C. 4. ISD≤4.5A, di/dt≤300A/µs, VDD≤BVDSS, Starting TJ=25°C.  THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS θJA θJC RATINGS 110 3.4 UNIT °C/W °C/W PARAMETER SYMBOL Junction to Ambient Junction to Case UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD www.unisonic.com.tw 2 of 6 QW-R502-853.b 5N25Z  Preliminary Power MOSFE ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TC=25°C, unless otherwise noted) MIN TYP MAX UNIT V 0.18 1 +10 -10 4 0.78 1.2 0.92 1.25 3.35 250 40 6 14 4 2.7 30 26 90 27 35 40 110 40 3.8 9 1.5 95 0.3 325 50 8 20 V/°C µA µA µA V Ω Ω S pF pF pF nC nC nC ns ns ns ns A A V ns µC PARAMETER SYMBOL TEST CONDITIONS OFF CHARACTERISTICS Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage BVDSS ID=250µA, VGS=0V 250 Breakdown Voltag eT emperature △BVDSS/△TJ Reference to 25°C, ID=250µA Coefficient Drain-Source Leakage Current IDSS VDS=250V, VGS=0V Forward VGS=+20V, VDS=0V Gate-Source Leakage Current IGSS Reverse V GS=-20V, VDS=0V ON CHARACTERISTICS Gate Threshold Voltage VGS(TH) VDS=VGS, ID=250µA 2 VGS=10V, ID=1.9A Static Drain-S ource On-Stat e Resistanc e RDS(ON) (Note 1) VG [...]

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5N25Z Datasheet

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