66116-001B Datasheet PDF – Single Channel Optocoupler

Part Number: 66116-001B

Function: Single Channel Optocoupler

Package: Coaxial or Bulkhead Mount Type

Manufacturer: Micropac Industries

Image and Pinouts:

66116-001B datasheet



This is Optocoupler.

Very high gain optocoupler utilizing GaAIAs infrared LED optically coupled to an N-P-N silicon phototransistor packaged in a hermetically sealed metal case. These devices can be tested to customer specifications, as well as to MIL-PRF-38534 H&K quality levels.


1. High reliability
2. Base lead provided for conventional transistor biasing
3. Very high gain, high voltage transistor
4.Hermetically sealed for reliability and stability
5. Stability over wide temperature range
6. High voltage electrical isolation



1. Line Receivers

2. Switchmode Power Supplies

3. Signal ground isolation

4. Process Control input/output isolation

Other data sheets are available within the file: 66116001B

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66116-001B pdf