68HC11 Datasheet – 8-bit Microcontroller – Freescale

Part Number : 68HC11

Function : 8-bit Microcontroller Units (MCUs)

Package : DIP 48 Pin, PLCC 52 Pin, QFP 64 PIn, SDIP 56 Pin

Manufacturers : Freescale Semiconductor

Pinouts :

68HC11 datasheet


Description :

This document contains a detailed description of the M68HC11 E series of 8-bit microcontroller units(MCUs). These MCUs all combine the M68HC11 central processor unit (CPU) with high-performance, on-chip peripherals.

The E series is comprised of many devices with various configurations of:

1. Random-access memory (RAM)
2. Read-only memory (ROM)
3. Erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM)
4. Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM)
5. Several low-voltage devices are also available.

Reference Site : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freescale_68HC11

M68HC11 E-series MCUs are available packaged in:

1. 52-pin plastic-leaded chip carrier (PLCC)
2. 52-pin windowed ceramic leaded chip carrier (CLCC)
3. 52-pin plastic thin quad flat pack, 10 mm x 10 mm (TQFP)
4. 64-pin quad flat pack (QFP)
5. 48-pin plastic dual in-line package (DIP), MC68HC811E2 only
6. 56-pin plastic shrink dual in-line package, .070-inch lead spacing (SDIP)

Other data sheets within the file : MC68HC11E0, MC68HC11E1, MC68HC11E9, MC68HC711E9, MC68HC11E20, MC68HC711E20, MC68HC811E2

68HC11 Datasheet PDF Download

68HC11 pdf

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