6R165P Datasheet – 650V, Cool MOSFET Transistor – Infineon

Part Number : IPB60R165CP, Marking : 6R165P

Function : Cool MOSFET ( 650V, 0.165 Ohm, 39 nC )

Pacakge : TO-247-3 Type

Manufacturers : Infineon Technologies

Image :

6R165P mosfet transistor

Description :

CoolMOS CP, Infineon’s fifth series of CoolMOS, is designed for hard and soft switching topologies, CCM PFC as well as PWM for ATX, notebook adapter PDP and LCD TV.

Pinouts :

6R165P datasheet


1. Lowest Figure of Merit R on x Q g
2. Ultra low gate charge
3. Extreme dv/dt rate
4. High peak current capability
5. Qualified according to JEDEC for target applications
6. High current capability
7. Significant reduction of conduction and switching losses
8. High power density and efficiency for superior power conversion systems

Applications :

Hard switching topologies, for Server and Telecom

Other data sheets within the file :  IPB60R165CP, IPW60R165CP

6R165P Datasheet PDF Download

6R165P pdf



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