6R190C6 Datasheet PDF – 600V, 20.2A, Power MOSFET

This is one of the MOSFET types. This is a kind of the transistor.

Part Number : 6R190C6, IPP60R190C6

Function : 600V, 20.2A, CoolMOS C6 Power Transistor

Package : PG-TO247, PG-TO263, PG-TO262, PG-TO220, PG-TO220 FullPAK Type

Manufacturers : Infineon Technologies


6R190C6 image

Description :

This is 600V, Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor.

CoolMOS is a revolutionary technology for high voltage power MOSFETs, designed according to the superjunction (SJ) principle and pioneered by Infineon Technologies. CoolMOS C6 series combines the experience of the leading SJ MOSFET supplier with high class innovation. The offered devices provide all benefits of a fast switching SJ MOSFET while not sacrificing ease of use. Extremely low switching and conduction losses make switching applications even more efficient, more compact, lighter, and cooler.


6R190C6 datasheet pinout

Features :

1. Extremely low losses due to very low FOM R dson*Qg and Eoss

2. Very high commutation ruggedness

3. Easy to use/drive

4. JEDEC qualified, Pb-free plating, Halogen free


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