6STR-20-008 Datasheet PDF – Barrier Terminal Block

Part Number : 6STR-20-008

Function : Barrier Terminal Block ( Barrier Strips )

Type : Solder Turret, Right Angle

Manufacturers : TE Connectivity

Image :

6STR-20-008 datasheet


Description :

Barrier strip style terminal blocks from TE Connectivity are available in 3 main categories: dual-barrier, tri-barrier, and double row. Each category of barrier strip is offered in several industry standard centerline spacings, allowing you to choose from high density to high current applications. Dual-barriers and Tri-Barriers are very similar in that they are both offered with hardware which allows them to be used in either PCB or panel mount applications.

Features :

1. Barrier Strip

2. Barrier Style = Single Row, Tri-Barrier

3. Block Style = Open Bottom with Standoffs

4. 11.10 mm Centerline

5. Right Angle Mount Angle


Other data sheets within the file : 2-1546242-0, 215462420, 6STR20008, 6STR20008

6STR-20-008 Datasheet PDF Download

6STR-20-008 pdf

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