70S600P7 MOSFET – 700V, 20.5A, TO-252, Power Transistor

This is one of the types of MOSFETs and is a kind of transistor.

Part Number: IPD70R600P7S

Marking : 70S600P7

Function: 700V, 20.5A, CoolMOS Power Transistor

Package: PG-TO-252-3 Type

Manufacturer: Infineon


70S600P7 mosfet datasheet


70S600P7 MOSFET is a revolutionary technology for high voltage power MOSFETs, designed according to the superjunction(SJ) principle and pioneered by InfineonTechnologies. The latest CoolMOS P7 is an optimized platform tailored to target cost sensitive applications in consumer markets such as charger, adapter, lighting, TV, etc.


1. Extremely low losses due to very low FOMRDS(on)*QgandRDS(on)*Eoss
2. Excellent thermal  behavior
3. Integrate ESD protection diode
4. Low switching losses(Eoss)
5. Product validation acc. JEDEC Standard

1. Cost competitive technology
2. Lower temperature
3. High ESD ruggedness
4. Enables efficiency gains at higher switching frequencies
5. Enables high power density designs and small form factors


1. Recommended for Flyback topologies for example used in Chargers

2. Adapters, Lighting Applications, etc.

70S600P7 Pinout

70S600P7 transistor pinout

Key Performance Parameters

1. VDS @ Tj=25°C : 700 V
2. RDS(on),max : 0.6 Ω
3. Qg,typ : 10.5 nC
4. ID,pulse : 20.5 A
5. Eoss @ 400V : 1.2 µJ
6. V(GS)th,typ : 3 V

70S600P7 Datasheet

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