7133-1 PDF Datasheet – 30mA, Low Power LDO – Holtek

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The Part Number is 7133-1.

The function of this semiconductor is 30mA. Low Power LDO. ( Linear & low-dropout )

The package is TO-92, SOT-89 and SOT-25.

Manufacturer: Holtek

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7133-1 pdf datasheet


This is 30mA Low Power LDO. The 7133-1 is a set of three-terminal low power high voltage regulators implemented in CMOS technology. They allow input voltages as high as 24V.

They are available with several fixed output voltages ranging from 3.0V to 5.0V. CMOS technology ensures low voltage drop and low quiescent current.


1. Low power consumption

2. Low voltage drop

3. Low temperature coefficient

4. High input voltage (up to +18V)

5. Output voltage accuracy: tolerance ±2%

7133-1 pinout

Low-power LDOs are commonly used in applications where energy efficiency is crucial, such as battery-powered devices, wearables, sensor nodes, and portable electronics. They help extend battery life and maintain a stable voltage supply for low-power components and microcontrollers.


1. Battery-powered equipment

2. Communication equipment

3. Audio/Video equipment

7133-1 PDF Datasheet