74HC125 Datasheet – Quad. Bus Buffer Gate – Hitachi

Part Number : HD74HC125, 74HC125

Function : Quad. Bus Buffer Gates (with 3-state outputs)

Package : 14 Pin Type

Manufactures : Hitachi Semiconductor

Description :

Quad. Bus Buffer Gates (with 3-state outputs), The HD74HC125, HD74HC126 require the 3-state control input C to be taken high to put the output into the high impedance condition, whereas the HD74HC125, HD74HC126 requires the control input to be low to put the output into high impedance.

Pinouts :

74HC125 Datasheet Pinout

Features :

•  High Speed Operation: tpd= 8 ns typ (CL = 50 pF)
•  High Output Current: Fanout of 15 LSTTL Loads
•  Wide Operating Voltage: VCC= 2 to 6 V
•  Low Input Current: 1 µA max
•  Low Quiescent Supply Current: ICC(static) = 4 µA max (Ta = 25°C)


74HC125 Datasheet