74HC14 Datasheet – Hex inverting Schmitt trigger – NXP

Part Number: 74HC14, 74HCT14, 7414

Function: Hex inverting Schmitt trigger

Package: 14 Pin type

Manufacturer: NXP




The Device is a high-speed Si-gate CMOS device and is pin compatible with Low-power Schottky TTL (LSTTL). It is specified in compliance with JEDEC standard No. 7A. The Device provides six inverting buffers with Schmitt-trigger action. It is capable of transforming slowlychanging input signals into sharply defined, jitter-free output signals.


74HC14 Pinout

74HC14 Datasheet pinout


1. Complies with JEDEC standard no. 7A

2. Low-power dissipation

1. Wave and pulse shapers
2. Astable multivibrators
3. Monostable multivibrators


74HC14 Datasheet

74HC14 pdf


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