74HC145 PDF Datasheet – LC74HC145 – Decoder / Driver – Sanyo

The Part Number is 74HC145.

The function of this semiconductor is BCD to Decimal Decoder / Driver.

Package: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo Semiconductor

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74HC145 pinout datasheet


74HC145 is BCD to Decimal Decoder / Driver ( O.D Output ).

The 74HC145 is a specific type of integrated circuit (IC) that is designed to function as an encoder or a priority encoder. It belongs to the 74HC series of logic ICs and is widely used in digital electronics for various encoding applications.

This IC is a 4-to-16 line encoder, which means it can take up to four binary inputs (A, B, C, and D) and convert them into a 4-bit binary code that represents the active input line. The encoder has 16 output pins (Y0 to Y15) corresponding to each of the 16 possible input combinations. When one of the input lines is active (low), the output pins will represent the binary code equivalent to the active input line.

Block Diagram:

74HC145 pdf sanyo

It is useful for multiplexing and demultiplexing data in digital systems, address decoding in memory interfacing, and various other control and interface circuits.

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74HC145 PDF Datasheet

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