74LS175 Fairchild – D-Type Flip-Flops, 74175 ( Datasheet )

Part Number: 74LS175, DM74LS175, 74175

Function : Hex/Quad D-Type Flip-Flops with Clear

Package: DIP, SOP, SOIC 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor


74LS175 Pinout


These positive-edge-triggered flip-flops utilize TTL circuitry to implement D-type flip-flop logic. All have a direct clear input, and the quad (175) versions feature complementary outputs from each flip-flop. Information at the D inputs meeting the setup time require ments is transferred to the Q outputs on the positive-going edge of the clock pulse. Clock triggering occurs at a particular voltage level and is not directly related to the transition time of the positive-going pulse. When the clock input is at either the HIGH or LOW level, the D input signal has no effect at the output.

Logic Diagrams

74LS175 Datasheet


1. 74LS174 contains six flip-flops with single-rail outputs

2. 74LS175 contains four flip-flops with double-rail outputs

3. Buffered clock and direct clear inputs

4. Individual data input to each flip-flop

5. Applications include:

(1) Buffer/storage registers

(2) Shift registers

(3 )Pattern generators

6. Typical clock frequency 40 MHz

7. Typical power dissipation per flip-flop 14 mW

74LS175 Datasheet

74LS175 pdf