74OL6000 Datasheet – Logic-TO-Logic Optocoupler – QT

Part Number : 74OL6000

Function : High-Speed Logic-To-Logic Optocoupler, LSTTL to TTL Buffer

Package : DIP 6 Pin

Manufacturers : QT Optoelectronics ( Fairchildsemi )

Image :

74OL6000 datasheet


Description :

1. Industry first LSTTL to TTL and LSTTL to CMOS complete logic-to-logic optocoupler
2. Very high speed
3. Choice of buffer or inverter
4. Provieds superior 5300 VRMS Withstand


1. Transmission line interface-receiver and driver
2. Excellent as bridged receiver in fast LAN highways
3. Bus interface
4. Driver for power semiconductor devices
5. Replaces fast pulse transformers



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