7808 Transistor – 8V, 1.5A, Voltage Regulator ( PDF )

Part Number: 7808

Function: Three Terminal Positive Voltage Regulator ( 8V )

Pacakge : TO-220 Type

Manufacturer: Inchange Semiconductor7808 pdf pinout


The 7808 is 8V, Three Terminal Positive Voltage Regulator. A voltage regulator is an electronic device that is used to maintain a constant voltage level, regardless of changes in load or input voltage.

It does this by adjusting the output voltage so that it remains within a specified range.

This helps to ensure that the voltage supplied to a device remains within the acceptable range, even under varying conditions such as changes in temperature or load.

7808 transistor

Featrues :

1. Output current in excess of 1.5A

2. Output voltage of 8V

3. Internal thermal overload protection

4. Output transition Safe-Area compensation

5. Minimum Lot-to-Lot variations for robust device performance and reliable operation


7808 datasheet regulator

7808 PDF Datasheet

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