7M0880 Datasheet – FS7M0880

This post explains for the semiconductor 7M0880.

The Part Number is 7M0880.

The function of this semiconductor is FS7M0880.

Manufacturers : Fairchild Semiconductor

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Description :

www.fairchildsemi.com FS7M0680, FS7M0880 Features • Pulse by Pulse Current Limit Over load protection (OLP) – Latch Over voltage protection (OVP) – Latch Internal Thermal Shutdown (TSD) – Latch Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) with hysteresis Internal High Voltage SenseFET (800V rated) User defined Soft Start Precision Fixed Operating Frequency (66kHz) Fairchild Power Switch (FPSTM) Table 1. Maximum Output Power OUTPUT POWER TABLE PRODUCT 230VAC ±15%(2) Open Frame(1) 80W (Flyback) 150W (Forward) 180W (Forward) (3) 110W (Flyback) 200W (Forward) 250W (Forward) (3) 85-265VAC Open Frame(1) 65W (Flyback) FS7M0680 FS7M0880 85W (Flyback) Application • PC power supply • PDP Notes: 1. Maximum practical continuous power in an open frame design at 50°C ambient. 2. 230 VAC or 100/115 VAC with doubler. 3. When the cooling fan is used. Description The Fairchild Power Switch FS7M-series is an integrated Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) and Sen […]

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7M0880 Datasheet

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