8895CSNG7EP3 PDF – Combo TV Special Decoder Chip

Part Number: 8895CSNG7EP3

Function: Combo TV Special Decoder Chip

Package: DIP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ETC

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The 8895CSNG7EP3 is the latest G88 series 2-in-1 color TV dedicated decoding chip developed by Toshiba Corporation of Japan. It can be applied to 14”~29” movement, and has a variety of functional expansions, which can be implemented on a single PCB motherboard from simple to high-end.

A TV decoder chip, also known as a television decoder chip or simply a TV chip, is an integrated circuit (IC) that is designed to decode and process television signals. These chips are used in televisions, set-top boxes, digital video recorders (DVRs), and other devices that receive and display television broadcasts. TV decoder chips play a crucial role in converting broadcast signals into video and audio content that can be displayed on a television screen.

[ TV decoding ]

1. Built-in notch filter, band-pass filter, PIF VCO circuit.

2. Black level extension, brightness gamma correction function.

3. PAL/NTSC decoding circuit.

4. With EW output; parallelogram, arcuate, trapezoidal, S-shaped, and four corners can be adjusted individually.

5. Two audio input ports, two output ports for volume control, and one audio output port for stereo control.

Block Diagram
8895CSNG7EP3 pinout datasheet

[ Software implementation ]

1. Voltage tuning: 14 bits PWM tuning output, full channel (V-L, V-H, UHF) control.
Frequency tuning: You can choose to realize the common frequency scanning mode (38M and 38.9M intermediate frequency).

2. When cold booting, check the E2PROM password, if the password is wrong, re-initialize the E2PROM.

3. It can realize automatic identification of PAL and NTSC color systems; it can realize automatic identification of PAL-N, PAL-M and NTSC color systems.

4. Optional sound system: 4.5M, 5.5M, 6.0M, 6.5M.

5. Mono or stereo functions can be selected, and the volume of mono and stereo can be controlled by internal ATT respectively.


8895CSNG7EP3 PDF Datasheet