8A2512NE PDF Datasheet – Simple Toaster Controller

Part Number : 8A2512NE

Function : Simple Toaster Controller

Package : TO94-4 Type

Manufactures : Pericom

Images :

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8A2512NE image

Description :

PT8A2512NE is Simple Toaster Controller. The PT8A2512 is a CMOS LSI chip designed for
simple toaster. It provides low cost solution for toaster. The chip is enclosed in a 4 pin TO-94.

Features :

1. Operating voltage : 3.5~5.5V
2. Few external components
3. No start to turn on Relay without oscillation.
4. TO94-4 package […]

Applications :

1. Toaste

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Note :

Stresses greater than those listed under AXIMUM RATINGS may cause permanent damage to the


8A2512NE Datasheet

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