8P34S1208 Datasheet – Differential LVDS Fanout Buffer

Part Number : 8P34S1208

Function : 1:8 LVDS Output 1.8V Fanout Buffer

Manufacturers : Integrated Device Technology

Pinouts :

8P34S1208 datasheet

Description :

The IDT 8P34S1208i, 8P34S1208 is a high-performance differential LVDS fanout buffer. The device is designed for the fanout of high-frequency, very low additive phase-noise clock and data signals.

The 8P34S1208i is characterized to operate from a 1.8V power supply. Guaranteed output-to-output and part-to-part skew characteristics make the 8P34S1208i ideal for those clock distribution applications demanding well-defined performance and repeatability.


Two selectable differential inputs and eight low skew outputs are available. The integrated bias voltage reference enables easy interfacing of AC-coupled signals to the device inputs.

The device is optimized for low power consumption and low additive phase noise.

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