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Manufactures : IDT

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DATASHEET SINGLE CHIP PC AUDIO SYSTEM CODEC+SPEAKER AMPLIFIER+CAPLESS HP+LDO 92HD81 Features • 4 Channels (2 stereo DACs and 2 stereo ADCs) with 24-bit resolution • • Supports full-duplex stereo audio and simultaneous VoIP Provides a mono output Description The 92HD81 single-chip audio system is a low power optimized, high fidelity, 4-channel audio codec with integrated speaker amplifier, capless headphone amplifier, and low drop out voltage regulator. The high integration of the 92HD81 enables the smallest PCB footprint with the lowest system BOM count and cost. The integrated high-pass filter allows for speaker protection. The 92HD81 provides high quality HD Audio capability to notebook and business desktop PC applications. 2W/channel stereo speaker amplifier @ 4 ohms and 4.75V Two headphone amplifiers • • One capless and one non-capless retaskable 1.5V to 1.8V or 3.3V digital power supply options Internal core voltage regulator +5 V analog power supply option Dedicated BTL high pass filter for speaker protection (RA revision only) Full HDA015-B low power support Audio inactivity transitions codec from D0 to D3 low power mode Resume from D3 to D0 with audio activity in < 10 msec D3 to D0 transition with < -65dB pop/click Port presence detect in D3 with or without bit clock Optional analog PC beep in D3 Additional vendor specific modes for even lower power Microsoft WLP 3/4/5 premium logo compliant, as defined in WLP 3.9 Dual SPDIF for WLP compliant support of simultaneous HDMI and SPDIF output Support for 1.5V and 3.3V HDA signaling Two digital microphone inputs (mono, stereo, or quad microphones) High performance analog mixer 2 adjustable VREF Out pins for analog microphone bias 6 analog ports with port presence detect (5 single ended, 1 BTL) Analog and digital PC Beep support Aux Audio Mode (see orderable part numbers for support) 48-pad QFN RoHS packages IDT CONFIDENTIAL ©2009 INTEGRATED DEVICE TECHNOLOGY, INC. 1 V 0.995 01/11 92HD81 datasheet pdf - http://www.DataSheet4U.net/ 92HD81 SINGLE CHIP PC AUDIO SYSTEM, CODEC+SPEAKER AMPLIFIER+CAPLESS HP+LDO Software Support • • Intuitive IDT HD Sound graphical user interface that allows configurability and preference settings 12 band fully parametric equalizer • Constant, system-level effects tuned to optimize a particular platform can be combined with user-mode “presets” tailored for specific acoustical environments and applications • System-level effects automatically disabled when external audio connections made Dynamics Processing • Enables improved voice articulation • Compressor/limiter allows higher average volume level without resonances or damage to speakers. IDT Vista APO wrapper • Enables multiple APOs to be used with the IDT Driver Microphone Beam Forming, Acoustic Echo Cancellation, and Noise Suppression Dynamic Stream Switching [...]

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92HD81 Datasheet

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