97-3057-1004 Datasheet – Amphenol Circular Connector

What is 97-3057-1004?

This a cable clamp for use with standard cylindrical connector, MS3057A type. This cable clamp is made from die-cast zinc alloy.  It is a part number for a type of circular connector manufactured by Amphenol Corporation. The connector has 4 contacts or pins and is commonly used in aerospace and military applications for power and signal transmission. It has a threaded coupling mechanism that provides a secure and reliable connection, even in harsh environments.

Part Number: 9730571004

Function: Amphenol 97 Series Connector

Manufacturer: Amphenol Aerospace


97-3057-1004 datasheet



1. Rugged metal shell
2. Conductive finish
3. Stamped & formed crimp contacts
4. Closed entry socket contacts
5. Plastic retention
6. Utilizes standard 97 Series hardware
7. Intermateable and intermountable with existing 97 Series and MIL-5015 connectors
8. Underwriters Laboratories approved recognition File E115497
9. Canadian Standards Association Certification File LR69183



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