A1268 Transistor – PNP, Equivalent (KTA1268)

Part Number : A1268, KTA1268

Function : Silicon PNP Transistor

Package : TO-92 Type
Manufactures : KEC

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A1268 image

􁴌Low Noise.
: NF=3dB(Typ.), Rg=100􁽵, VCE=-6V, IC=-100􁻌A, f=1kHz
: NF=0.5dB(Typ.), Rg=1k􁽵, VCE=-6V, IC=-100􁻌A, f=1kHz.
􁴌High DC Current Gain : hFE=200􁴕700.
􁴌High Voltage : VCEO=-120V.
􁴌Low Pulse Noise. Low 1/f Noise.
􁴌Complementary to KTC3200.
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Description :


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A1268 Datasheet

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