A6902D – Up to 1 A step down switching regulator

Part Number : A6902D

Function : Up to 1 A step down switching regulator

Manufactures : ST Microelectronics

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A6902D Up to 1 A step down switching regulator with adjustable current limit for automotive applications Features Qualified following the AEC-Q100 requirements (see PPAP for more details) Up to 1 A DC output current Operating input voltage from 8 V to 36 V Output voltage adjustable from 1.235 V to 35 V Precise 3.3 V (±2 %) reference voltage 250 kHz Internally fixed frequency Voltage feedforward Zero-load current operation Internal current limiting Protection against feedback disconnection Thermal shutdown SO-8 Applications ■ ■ ■ Automotive applications Adjustable current generator Simple step-down converters with adjustable current limit Figure 1. Application schematic VCC VREF OUT L1 22µH D1 Rsense 100mO R1 5.6kO C4 100µF 10V R3 5.1kO GND R2 3.3kO VOUT=3.3V VIN=8V to 36V VIN=8V to 36V C1 10µF 35V C3 220pF C2 22nF COMP L6902D CS+ CSFB STPS340U April 2009 Doc ID 13959 Rev 5 1/12 www.st.com 12 Contents A6902D Contents 1 2 Description . 3 Pin connection . 4 2.1 2.2 Pin connection . 4 Pin description . 4 3 Electrical data . 5 3.1 3.2 Maximum ratings . . 5 Thermal data . . 5 4 5 6 7 Electrical characteristics . 6 Package mechanical data . 8 Order codes . . 10 Revision history . 11 2/12 Doc ID 13959 Rev 5 A6902D Description 1 Description The A6902D is a complete and simple step down switching regulator with adjustable current limit. Based on a voltage mode structure it integrates a current error amplifier to have a constant voltage and constant current control. By means of an on board current sense resistor and the availability of the current sense pins (both compatible to Vcc and for Cscompatible with GND too) a current limit programming is very simple and accurate. Moreover constant current control can be used to charge NiMH and NiCd batteries.The device can be used as a standard DC/DC converter with adjustable current limit (set by using the external sense resistor). The internal robust P-channel DMO […]

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A6902D Datasheet

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