AB1120 PDF Datasheet – Bluetooth 3.0 Single Chip

Part Number: AB1120

Function: Bluetooth 3.0 Single Chip

Package: QFN 6mmx6mm 48 Type

Manufacturer: Airoha


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AB1120 image


AB1120 is a single-chip IC for HID applications, which supports Bluetooth system version
3.0 features including AFH function. It supports sniff sub-rating for longer battery life &
faster re-connect. Bluetooth 3.0 simple-pairing mechanism is also implemented. AB1120’s
scatternet can join up to 3 piconets. It complies with RF transceiver, baseband processor,
PMU, switching regulator, Boost regulator and Li-ion battery charger. Several Serial
Communication Interfaces including USB, UART, I2C and SPI are supported.


1. Compliant with Bluetooth 3.0 specifications
2. HID profile version 1.0 compliant
3. Supports AFH
4. Supports sniff sub-rating for longer battery life & faster re-connect
5. 18 Programmable GPIOs
6. Supports 3 axis detection
7. Supports SPI interface with 3/4-wire mode to sensor IC
8. Supports I2C EEPROM interface
9. Supports UART interface for firmware downloading and peripheral control
10. Supports USB interface for host control
11. Embedded 2 LED drivers with fader
12. Low cost ROM based design with customer code support
13. Embedded power management



AB1120 Datasheet