ALC202 – AC97 Audio CODEC

Part Number : ALC202

Function : AC97 Audio CODEC

Manufactures : ETC

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Avance Logic, Inc. ALC202 ALC202 AC’97 Audio CODEC Draft Spec. Preliminary Version 0.62 September 26, 2001 Preliminary Avance Logic, Inc. 1. Features l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l ALC202 Single chip audio CODEC with high S/N ratio (>90 dB). 20-bit DAC, 18-bit ADC. Stereo full-duplex CODEC with independent and variable sampling rate. 4 analog line-level stereo input with 5-bit volume control : LINE_IN,CD,VIDEO,AUX 2 analog line-level mono input : PC_BEEP,PHONE_IN. Mono output with 5-bit volume control. Stereo output with 6-bit volume control. 2 MIC inputs: Software selectable. Power management and enhanced power saving. 3D Stereo Enhancement External Amplifier power down capability. Multiple CODEC extension. Compliant with AC’97 2.2 specification 50mW/8W amplifier at LINE/ Headphone output Jack-detect function to mute LINE/MONO/HP output, to control S/PDIF output. Supports S/PDIF out is compliant with AC’97 rev2.2. 2 GPIO pins. 14.318MHzà24.576MHz digital PLL. Supports double sampling rate (96KHz) of DVD audio playback. +30dB boost preamplifier for MIC input. Power support: Digital: 3.3V Analog: 3.3V/5V Standard 48-Pin LQFP Package 2. Pin Description 2.1 Digital I/O pins: 11 pins Type I I O I IO I O I/O I/O I O O Pin No 11 2 3 10 6 5 8 43 44 45 47 48 Description AC’97 H/W reset Crystal input pad Crystal output pad Sample Sync (48KHz) Bit clock output (12.288Mhz) Serial TDM AC97 output Serial TDM AC97 input I: General purpose input pin-0. (Can be software volume up) O: General purpose output pin-0. I: General purpose input pin-1. (Can be software volume down) O: General purpose output pin-1 ID strap 0 External Amplifier power down control / Jack –Detect sense a low to high edge S/PDIF output / TEST output Characteristic Definition Schmitt trigger input Crystal: 24.576M/14.318M crystal input External: 24.576M/14.318M external clock input Crystal: 24.576M/14.318M crystal output External: 24.576M/14.318M clock output Schmitt trigger input CMOS input/output Vt=0.35Vdd Schmitt trigger input CMOS output, Internally pulled high by a 50K resistor. Internally pulled high by a 50K resistor. CMOS input Vt=0.35Vdd CMOS output / input, JD should be internally pulled high by a 50K resistor Digital output has 12 mA@75W driving capability. Name RESET# XTL-IN XTL-OUT SYNC BIT-CLK SDATA-OUT SDATA-IN GPIO0 GPIO1 ID0# EAPD / JD SPDIFO / TEST 2.2 Analog I/O Pins: 18 pins Type I I I I I I Pin No 12 13 14 15 16 17 Description PC speaker input Speakerphone input AUX Left channel AUX Right channel Video audio Left channel Video audio Right channel Characteristic Definition Analog input (1Vrms) Analog input (1Vrms) Analog input (1Vrms) Analog input (1Vrms) Analog input (1Vrms) Analog input (1Vrms) Name PC-BEEP PHONE AUX-L AUX-R VIDEO-L VIDEO-R -2- Rev0.62 Preliminary Avance Logic, Inc. CD-L CD-GND CD-R MIC1 MIC2 LINE-L LINE-R LINE-OUTL LINE-OUTR HP-OUT-L HP-OUT-R MONO-OUT I I I I I […]

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ALC202 Datasheet

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