AM22A PDF – Power Supply Control Chip

Part Number: AM22A

Function: High-performance switching power supply control chip

Package: DIP 8 pin Type



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The AM22A chip is a dedicated low-power switching power supply control chip, which is widely used in power adapters, LED power supplies, induction cookers, air conditioners, DVDs and other small household appliances.

1. Product Features:

• Double-chip design is adopted, and the high-voltage switch tube is designed with bipolar transistors to reduce product costs; the control circuit is designed with large-scale MOS digital circuits, and the bipolar crystal chip is driven by E-polar drive mode to improve the high-voltage switch tube. Safe withstand voltage value. The built-in self-powered circuit does not require external power supply to the chip, effectively reducing the number and cost of external components.

• The chip integrates a high-voltage constant current start-up circuit, no need to add an external start-up resistor.
• Built-in overcurrent protection circuit, anti-overload protection circuit, output short circuit protection circuit, temperature protection circuit and optocoupler failure protection circuit.

• Built-in slope compensation circuit to ensure circuit stability at low voltage and high power output.

• Built-in PWM oscillating circuit with frequency shaking function to ensure good EMC characteristics.

• With built-in frequency conversion function, the operating frequency is automatically reduced during standby, and the ripple of the output voltage is reduced while meeting the European green energy standard (< 0.3W).

• Built-in high-voltage protection, when the input bus voltage is higher than the protection voltage, the chip will automatically shut down and restart with a delay.

• Built-in ramp current drive circuit, which reduces the power consumption of the chip and improves the efficiency of the circuit.

• 4KV anti-static ESD test.



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AM22A Datasheet