AM5810FP PDF Datasheet – Quad BTL Power Driver

Part Number: AM5810FP

Function: Quad BTL Power Driver

Package: HSOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Amtek Semiconductors


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The AM5810FP is a 4-channel BTL driver – 2 channels are able to use for stepping motor, and 1 channel is for reversible driver – designed to be used with ordinary electronic equipment (such as audio-visual equipment, office automation equipment, communications devices, electrical appliances, and electronic toys).


CD players


1) A power saving mold is enabled by power-saver terminal. 2) Small surface mounting power package (HSOP-28) 3) Separating Vcc into Pre and Pow, can make better power efficiency 4) Thermal-shut-down circuit built in 5) Wide dynamic range <4.OV (Typ.) at PreVcc=12V, PowVcc=5V> 6) BTL driver: Input pins consist of (+) and (-), therefore various input types are available such as differential input. 7) Loading driver: a. The output voltage is adjustable by output voltage control terminal. (Only “H” side voltage) b. Brake circuit built in c. Circuit protection diode built in z Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Supply voltage Power dissipation Operating temperature Storage temperature Symbol PREVCC, POWVCC Pd Topr Tstg Limits 13.5 1.7- -40 ~ +85 -55 ~ +150 Unit V W ℃ ℃ *On less than 3% (percentage occupied by copper foil), 70 x 70mm2, t = 1.6mm, glass epoxy mounting. Reduce power by 13.5mV for each degree above 25℃. AMtek semiconductors May, 2003 V0.2 -1- AM5810FP Motor Driver ICs z Guaranteed Operating Ranges PREVCC POWVCC 4.3 ~ 13.2V 4.3 ~ PREVCC z Block Diagram Input for loading forward Input for loading reverse Output control terminal for loading Control terminal for power saving mode I […]


AM5810FP Datasheet