AML6213A PDF Datasheet – A/V Processor – AMLOGIC

Part Number: AML6213A

Function: A/V Processor User Guide

Package: PLCC 144 Pin type

Manufacturer: AMLOGIC


AML6213A datasheet pdf


The AML6213A A/V processor is a complete integrated system targeting the digital picture frame market. The device combines a super fast JPEG/MPEG decoder, all analog LCD drivers/TCON signals, USB and card-reader I/Os and a 32-bit host CPU in a small 144 pins package.

The embedded 32-bits core CPU handles all system related application software. It executes AVOS, the base operating system for AML6213A. All applications and drivers run on top of AVOS. Drivers including USB drivers, card-reader hardware driver, and video and other hardware related programming interfaces are provided by AVOS. Applications include graphical user interfaces and file system sub-system are also included. Developers can add additional applications to customize for each platform.



1. Embedded 32-bits core RISC processor for system control

2. Complete JPEG/MPEG decoding logic and video scaling logic

3. Complete audio decoding and stereo audio DACs

4. Integrated analog LCD panel DAC and TCON

5. Integrated USB 2.0 High Speed OTG port

AML6213A Datasheet