AN7522N Datasheet – Silicon Monolithic Bipolar IC

This post explains for the semiconductor AN7522N.

The Part Number is AN7522N.

The function of this semiconductor is Silicon Monolithic Bipolar IC.

Manufacturers : Panasonic

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Prepared Checked Approved Product Specifications Ref No. Total Page Page No. A-1 9 1 AN7522N Silicon Monolithic Bipolar IC Structure Appearance Application Function SIL-12 Pin Plastic Package (Power Type with Fin) Low Frequency Amplifier BTL 5.0W x 2ch Power Amplifier with Standby Function and Volume Function A No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Absolute Maximum Ratings Item Storage Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature Operating Ambient Pressure Operating Constant Acceleration Operating Shock Supply Voltage Supply Current Power Dissipation Symbol Tstg Topr Popr Gopr Sopr Vcc Icc PD Ratings -55 ~ +150 -25 ~ +70 1.013×105±0.61×105 (1.0±0.6) 9,810 (1000) 4,900 (500) Unit °C °C Pa (atm) m/s2 (G) m/s2 (G) Note 1 1 14.4 2.0 1.92 V A W 2 Ta=70°C Operating Supply Voltage Range Vcc 3.5V ~ 13.5V Note 1) The temperature of all items shall be Ta=25°C except storage temperature and operating ambient temperature. 2) At no signal input. Eff. Date Eff. Date Eff. Date Eff. Date Mats […]

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AN7522N Datasheet

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