AR7241A PDF Datasheet – 2.4GHz ISM Band MMIC LNA

Part Number : AR7241A

Function : 2.4GHz ISM Band MMIC LNA

Package : SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufactures : ARAFTEK

Images :

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Description :

The AR7241A is a fully matched three-stage, single-supply monolithic LNA designed for wireless
applications in the 2.4 – 2.5 GHz ISM band. Bias, DC blocking and matching circuitry is included on-chip allowing for easy implementation. Optional analog gain control pin is provided for AGC function. The small-sized 8-pin SOP package is ideal for PCMCIA card applications. AR7241A reduces development time and cost of developing 2.4 GHz RF subsystems.

Features :

• 2.3 dB Noise Figure

• 24 dB Gain

• Single-Supply Bias

• 8L-SOP Plastic package with ground slug for low-inductance RF grounding

• Analog Gain Control with positive voltage

• Input /Output 50 Ω matched

Applications :

• ISM-Band spread-spectrum wireless communications

• Wireless Local Area Networks

• Wireless Data Terminals

• Wireless Remote Monitoring


AR7241A Datasheet