AS1501 PDF Datasheet – Digital Potentiometer

Part Number : AS1501, AS1500 thru AS1503

Function : Digital Potentiometer

Package : SOIC 8 Pin Type

Manufactures : austriamicrosystems AG

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Description :

The AS1500 is a digital potentiometer with 256 programmable steps. The values of the resistor can be
controlled via 3 wire serial interface capable to handle programming rates up to 10MHz.

The AS1500 is available in four different resistor values. The AS1500 incorporates a 10kΩ, the AS1501 a 20kΩ, the AS1502 a 50kΩ and the AS1503 a 100kΩ fixed resistor. […]

Key Features :

1. 256 – Taps

2. Available in four Resistance values
– AS1500 resistance 10kΩ
– AS1501 resistance 20kΩ
– AS1502 resistance 50kΩ
– AS1503 resistance 100kΩ

3. Standby current – Less than 1 µA

4. 3-Wire Serial Data Interface

5. 10 MHz Update Data Loading Rate

Applications :

The AS1500 is ideal for volume controls in TV sets and audio systems, and applications that require line impedance matching, programmable filters or power supply adjustment.

AS1501 PDF Datasheet