ATA2188 – Optical Mouse Sensor IC

Part Number : ATA2188

Function : Optical Mouse Sensor IC

Manufactures : ALab

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@Lab Optical Mouse Sensor ATA2188 Datasheet OPTICAL MOUSE SENSOR IC ATA2188 Datasheet Version 0.3 Notice ATLab, Inc. (“@Lab”) reserves the right to change any products described herein at any time and without notice. @Lab assumes no responsibility or liability arising from the use of the products described herein, except as expressly agreed to in writing by @Lab. The use and purchase of this product does not convey a license under any patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, or any other intellectual property rights of @Lab. Copyright 2003, AT Lab, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 1 / 13 Version 0.3 @Lab Optical Mouse Sensor ATA2188 Datasheet @Lab ATA2188 Optical Mouse Sensors Datasheet INTRODUCTION Description The ATA2188 is an optical sensor with capability of replacing current track ball mouse of computer system. How the most common optical sensor for mouse works today is: The sensor captures “snapshots” of the work surface at 1,700 times per second, calculates ±3-pixel movement per frame, and produce 5,100 pixel movements per second with internal 6MHz oscillator. With internal 12MHz oscillator, the sensor captures snapshots of the work surface at 3,400 times per second, calculates ± 3-pixel movement per frame, and produce 10,200 pixel movements per second. However, the key difference in ATA2188 from other optical sensors is that it is designed based on a system level architecture so that it can eliminate side parts resulting in saving extra manufacturing costs. Additionally, PS/2 interface is included within ATA2188 so that no MCU is needed to interface through PS/2. ATA2188 also tolerates all different magnitudes of movement so that the sensor can be used for design purpose where accuracy is the most important factor as well as for gaming purpose where speed would be the critical factor. The sensor is in a 12-pin optical DIP type and comes with the default resolution of 600 or 800 counts per inch (CPI) and the speed of motion is up to either 12.75 inches per second running at 6MHz or 25 inches per second at 12MHz (“fast”). Patented Eye Protection Technology Since the optical mice sense the movement through capturing the movement of the surface on which LED/Laser light is shed. The stronger the light and the higher the density of light, one can realize an optical mouse with higher and better performance. However, facing the light (LED/Laser) source directly with one’s eyes causes dazzling eyes which may last long for someone with sensitive eyes, Page 2 / 13 Version 0.3 @Lab Optical Mouse Sensor ATA2188 Datasheet especially for children. In the worst case, this direct eye contact may be a reason of loss/reduction of eyesight. ATLab’s eye protection mouse sensors – including ATA2188E – are using a patented “Eye Protection” technology, automatically TURNS OFF the light source when user lifts the mouse off the surface and hence it can protect eyes from the harmful ligh […]

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ATA2188 Datasheet

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