ATJ2273B PDF Datasheet – Multimedia System-On-a-Chip

This post explains for the Multiprocessor.

The Part Number is ATJ2273B.

The function of this semiconductor is Highly Integrated SOC with Multiprocessor.

The package is LQFP128 E-PAD (14*14).

Manufacturer: Actions Semiconductor

Product Image:

ATJ2273B datasheet pdf


The ATJ2273B is a highly integrated SOC for high density media solution with multiprocessor. The architecture of one 32-bit RISC up to 450 MHz, cooperated with a powerful Video Engine, a build in Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and a Display Engine, high efficiency buses, high-speed DDR/DDRII/Mobile DDR memory controller. It can achieve high performance and low power dissipation. This IC is a multimedia system-on-a-chip (SoC) designed by Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd. It is commonly used in portable multimedia devices such as MP3 players, MP4 players, and other digital audio/video players.


1. High Speed 32bit RISC

(1) Up to 450 MHz
(2) 8-stage pipeline
(3) MIPS32 instruction set
(4) Programmable Memory Management Unit
(5) 16KB I-Cache and 16KB D-cache
(6) 24kB DSPRAM
(7) 8kB ISPRAM

2. Video Engine

(1) All format of 720p video supported, 30fps, up to 20Mbps averagely;
(2) Support MPEG-4 encoding, up to 720p resolution
(3) Support digital room from x1~x4, and with configurable step.

3. Processor Core: The ATJ2273B incorporates a 32-bit ARM processor core to handle the overall system control and operation.

4. Audio and Video Playback: It supports various audio and video formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC, MPEG, AVI, and more, enabling multimedia playback capabilities.

5. Display Interface: The ATJ2273B features a display interface that allows for the connection of LCD screens, enabling graphical user interface (GUI) capabilities.


Preview images :

ATJ2273B pinout


ATJ2273B Datasheet