AU01A – Fast-Recovery Rectifier Diodes

Part Number : AU01A

Function : Fast-Recovery Rectifier Diodes

Manufactures : Sanken electric

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Description :

SANKEN ELECTRIC CO., LTD. 1. Scope The present specifications shall apply to Sanken silicon rectifier diode, AU01A. 2. Outline Type Silicon Rectifier Diode (Mesa Type) Structure Resin Molded Applications High Frequency Rectification, etc. AU01A 3. Flammability UL94V-0 (equipment) 4. Absolute maximum ratings No. Item Symbol Unit 1 Transient Peak Reverse Voltage 2 Peak Reverse Voltage 3 Average Forward Current 4 Peak Surge Forward Current 5 Junction Temperature 6 Storage Temperature VRSM VRM IF (AV) IFSM Tj Tstg V V A A °C °C 5. Electrical characteristics No. Item Symbol Unit 1 Forward Voltage Drop VF 2 Reverse Leakage Current IR 3 Reverse Leakage Current Under High Temperature HIR 4 Reverse Recovery Time trr-1 trr-2 V μA μA nS nS 5 Thermal Resistance Rth (j-l) °C /W Rating 650 600 0.5 15 -40~+150 -40~+150 Conditions Refer to 6 10ms. Half sinewave, one shot Value 1.7 max. 10 max. 150 max. 400 max. 180 max. 22 max. Conditions IF = 0.5A VR=VRM VR=VRM […]

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AU01A Datasheet

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