B649 Transistor – PNP, 2SB649 Datasheet

Part Number : B649

Function : 2SB649

Manufactures : Unisonic Technologies

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UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD 2SB649/A PNP SILICON TRANSISTOR BIPOLAR POWER GENERAL PURPOSE TRANSISTOR 1 SOT-89 Applications – Low frequency power amplifier complementary pair with UTC 2SB669/A 1 TO-126 1 TO-126C 1 TO-92 *Pb-free plating product number: 2SB649L/2SB649AL ORDERING INFORMATION Order Number Normal Lead Free Plating 2SB649-x-AB3-R 2SB649L-x-AB3-R 2SB649-x-T6C-K 2SB649L-x-T6C-K 2SB649-x-T60-K 2SB649L-x-T60-K 2SB649-x-T92-B 2SB649L-x-T92-B 2SB649-x-T92-K 2SB649L-x-T92-K 2SB649A-x-AB3-R 2SB649AL-x-AB3-R 2SB649A-x-T6C-K 2SB649AL-x-T6C-K 2SB649A-x-T60-K 2SB649AL-x-T60-K 2SB649A-x-T92-B 2SB649AL-x-T92-B 2SB649A-x-T92-K 2SB649AL-x-T92-K Package SOT-89 TO-126C TO-126 TO-92 TO-92 SOT-89 TO-126C TO-126 TO-92 TO-92 Pin Assignment 1 23 B CE E CB E CB E CB E CB B CE E CB E CB E CB E CB Packing Tape Reel Bulk Bulk Tape Box Bulk Tape Reel Bulk Bulk Tape Box Bulk 2SB649L-x-AB3-R (1)Packing Type (2)Package Type (3)Rank (4)Lead Plating (1) B: Tape Box, K: Bulk, R: Tape Reel (2) AB3: SOT-89, T6C: TO-126C, T60: TO-126, T 92: TO-92 (3) x: refer to Classification of hFE (4) L: Lead Free Plating, Blank: Pb/Sn www.unisonic.com.tw Copyright © 2005 Unisonic Technologies Co., Ltd 1 of 4 QW-R204-006,D 2SB649/A PNP SILICON TRANSISTOR ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING (Ta=25 , unless otherwise specified) PARAMETER SYMBOL RATING UNIT Collector-Base Voltage VCBO -180 V Collector-Emitter Voltage 2SB649 2SB649A VCEO -120 -160 V Emitter-Base Voltage VEBO -5 V Collector Current IC -1.5 A Collector Peak Current lC(PEAK) -3 A TO-126/TO-126C 1.4 W Collector Power Dissipation TO-92 PD 1 W SOT-89 500 mW Junction Temperature TJ +150 °C Storage Temperature TSTG -40 ~ +150 °C Note: Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond which the device could be permanently damaged. Absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only and functional device operation is not implied. ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta=25 , unless otherwise specified) PARAMETER SYMBOL TEST CONDITIONS Collector to Base Breakdown Voltage BVCBO IC=-1mA, IE=0 Collector to Emitter Breakdown 2SB649 Voltage 2SB649A BVCEO IC=-10mA, RBE=∞ Emitter to Base Breakdown Voltage BVEBO IE=-1mA, IC=0 Collector Cut-off Current ICBO VCB=-160V, IE=0 DC Current Gain 2SB649 hFE1 VCE=-5V, IC=-150mA (note) hFE2 VCE=-5V, IC=-500mA (note) 2SB649A hFE1 VCE=-5V, IC=-150mA (note) hFE2 VCE=-5V, IC=-500mA (note) Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage VCE(SAT) Ic=-600mA, IB=-50mA Base-Emitter Voltage VBE VCE=-5V, IC=-150mA Current Gain Bandwidth Product fT VCE=-5V,IC=-150mA Output Capacitance Cob VCB=-10V, IE=0, f=1MHz Note: Pulse test. MIN TYP MAX UNIT -180 V -120 -160 V -5 V -10 µA 60 320 30 60 200 30 -1 V -1.5 V 140 MHz 27 pF CLASSIFICATION OF hFE RANK RANGE B 60-120 C 100-200 D 160-320 UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD www.unisonic.com.tw 2 of 4 QW-R204-006,D 2SB649/Awww.DataS […]

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B649 Datasheet

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