BD4911FM – Multifunction System Power Supply IC

Part Number : BD4911FM

Function : Multifunction System Power Supply IC

Manufactures : Rohm

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Description :

TECHNICAL NOTE System Power Supply LSIs for use in automotive Electronics Multifunction System ESD Resistance Power Supply IC Now available (with Watchdog Timer) BD4911FM zDescription The BD4911FM multiple-output system power supply features microcontroller output and is capable of operating at super-low dark current levels. With a built-in reset, with a microcontroller delay, BATTERY/ACCESSORY voltage detection, and mute function, WDT (Watch Dog Timer)function, the BD4911FM is ideal for car audio and satellite navigation systems. zFeatures 1) Main regulator Vo1 can be switched between 5.0 V and 3.3 V output using the SEL input voltage, and can be used with an external boost transistor. Sub-regulator Vo2 generates 3.3 V output. Both regulators feature an output current of 150 mA. 2) Built-in WDT reset; monitor time can be set with the CTW capacitor. WDT operation can be switched on and off using INH input. 3) Circuit current during standby operation (WDT off): 100 µA (TYP) 4) […]

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BD4911FM Datasheet

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