BD8174MU – Multi-channel System Power Supply IC

Part Number : BD8174MU

Function : Multi-channel System Power Supply IC

Manufactures : Rohm

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Datasheet Power Supply IC Series for TFT-LCD Panels Output voltage fixed-type Multi-channel System Power Supply IC BD8174MU General Description The BD8174MU is a system power supply IC that generates 6 power supply channels required by TFT-LCD panels on a single chip. Output voltage and sequence is fixed so that it is possible to control output with few external components. Key Specifications  Power Supply Voltage 1 Range:  Oscillating Frequency:  Operating Temperature Range: 10V to 14V 700kHz(Typ) -40°C to +105°C Package W(Typ) x D(Typ) x H(Max) Features  Step-up DC/DC Converter with Built-in 3A FET  Synchronous Step-down DC/DC Converter with Built-in 2A FET  High Voltage LDO (50mA)  Low Voltage LDO (400mA)  Positive/ Negative Charge Pumps (Integrated-diode)  10bit DAC 4CH  VCOM Amplifier  Gate Shading Function  All-output Shut Down Function  Power Good Function  Protection Circuits:  Under-Voltage Lockout Protection Circuit  Thermal Shutdown Circuit  Over Current Protection Circuit  Over Voltage Protection Circuit  Timer Latch Type Short-Circuit Protection Circuit  Constant Startup Sequence VQFN048V7070 7.00mm x 7.00mm x 1.00mm Applications LCD TV power supplies ○Product structure:Silicon monolithic integrated circuit © 2016 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. TSZ22111・14・001 ○This product has no designed protection against radioactive rays 1/38 TSZ02201-0313AAZ00670-1-2 17.Feb.2016 Rev.001 BD8174MU Typical Application Circuit (1) 1. VCC12V input application VDD (3.3V) LVLDO (1.2/1.5/1.8V) GCTL SCL SDA OUT3 OUT2 OUT1 PGND2 SW2 GCTL VDD_S REG5 LVLDO SCL SDA GND OUT3 OUT2 OUT1 LVCTL PG VDD BOOT LVCTL PG PVCC2 FB1 COMP1 PGND1 PGND1 SW1 SW1 LSO1 LSO1 BD8174MU OUT0 SCP DACGND FBLD1 HVLDO INP INN VCOM THR CTL DRN COM OUT0 HVLDO VCOM THR CTL COM PVCC1 PVCC1 CPPCTL HVCC VGL_S CPN CPP1 CPP2 CPGND CPD2 CPD1 VGH CPPCTL VIN (12V) VLS VGH (35.2V) 2. Startup sequence VIN input VDD1 (Step-down) LVLDO VGL (-6V) VLS VGL VGH GS (Step-up) (Negative charge pump) (Positive charge pump) HVLDO (15.2V) PG DAC Control DAC OUT 3. Power up sequence VIN(12V) VCOM VDD(3.3V) LVLDO(1.2/1.5/1.8V) DAC Control VLS(15.6V) HVLDO(15.2V) DAC OUT VCOM VGH(35.2V) 80% 2m(typ) PG GS logic VGL(-6V) © 2016 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. TSZ22111・15・001 2/38 TSZ02201-0313AAZ00670-1-2 17.Feb.2016 Rev.001 BD8174MU Block Diagram VIN(12V) C12 LSO1 47 48 L11 D11 C11 SW1 45 46 PGND 43 44 C13 R12 R11 FB1 41 COMP1 42 C14 R14 PVCC1 12 VCC OCP STEP UP DC/DC Soft Start REF ERR GCTL 34 C15 Load SW Control SEQUENCE CONTROL OCP STEP DOWN DC/DC REG5 Soft Start VDD REF ERR FB2 PVCC2 40 C22 SW2 35 PGND2 36 L21 C21 37 BOOT C25 VDD 3.3V 33 VDD_S VLS 15.6V VGH 35.2V HVCC HVCC 4 OVP UVLO C32 OVP OCP C51 D51 VGH 12 CPD2 10 CPD1 11 C53 C52 CPP1 7 CPP2 8 HVCC Positive Charge Pump C54 VDD R91 3 CPPCTL 39 PG FBC […]

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BD8174MU Datasheet

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