BD9261FP – BD9261EFV / BD9261FP Technical Note

Part Number : BD9261FP

Function : BD9261EFV / BD9261FP Technical Note

Manufactures : Rohm

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分发单位 青岛 IQC/JIT 黄岛 IQC/JIT 顺德 IQC/JIT 重庆 IQC/JIT 物流 JIT/IPC 零部件规格书 生效日期:2007.11.26 编号: 份数 零部件名称 G-IC-LEDDR-351-HSOP28-BD9261FP 专 用 号 0324402636 本体描述 BD9261FP 版本 A 1 生产厂家 厂家型号 页码 1 ROHM BD9261FP P1-P25 1 以下空白 1 1 确认参数(T=25℃) 参数 输入电压范围 LED 最大驱动电流 结温 封装 LED 通道数量 以下空白 数值 9~35 350 150 HSOP28 4 单位 V mA ℃ / / 参数 数值 单位 更改履历 序号 1 以下空白 更改内容 更改人 更改时间 版本 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 备注: 1.上表要保留此专用号的所有更改记录,便于查询;更改时要把需要更改的内容填完整。 2.此文件的所有技术规范均应符合海尔集团的最新技术标准要求;如有抵触,以集团标准为准。 编制 审核 标准化 会签 批准 徐艳艳 张永玲 孙佟佟 / 万秀水 以上所填、所签均经过确认,并明确表达了技术意图,不会造成歧义,并承担由此造成的损失! ROHM CO., LTD. Special reference material BD9261EFV BD9261FP Technical Note Ver.2.0 BD9261EFV・BD9261FP Technical Note (VER. 2.0) Contents ♦ Specification for BD9261EFV / BD9261FP ♦ Understanding BD9261EFV / BD9261FP ♦ Application of BD9261EFV / BD9261FP PATENT US7235954 EP1499165 We applied to other pluel patent, now. ROHM Co., Ltd. Power Management team / Inverter Group – This material is created for reference. Description of warranty is included in Delivery Specification. – This material may be revised without prior notification. 1/26 ROHM CO., LTD. Special reference material BD9261EFV BD9261FP Technical Note Ver.2.0 Table of Contents 1. Specification for BD9261EFV・BD9261FP 1.1 Features 1.2 Absolute maximum rated voltage 1.3 Electrical characteristics 1.4 Operation range 1.5 Recommended range of external part 1.6 Terminal No., name, and function 1.7 Block diagram 1.8 Pin location diagram 1.9 Package outlines & SYMBOLS P3 P3 P4, P5 P6 P6 P7 P8 P9 P9 2. Understanding BD9261EFV・BD9261FP 2.1 Function of terminal 2.2 Internal equivalent circuit diagram P10-P17 P18, P19 3. APPLICATION OF BD9261EFV・BD9261FP 3.1 List of protection function 3.2 Selecting external part 3.3 How to set phase compensation 3.4 Timing chart P20 P21, P22 P23 P24 4. Precautions in use 1.1 Precautions in use 5. Precautions in use P25 P26 2/26 ROHM CO., LTD. Special reference material BD9261EFV BD9261FP Technical Note Ver.2.0 1. Specification for BD9261EFV/BD9261FP 1.1 Features 1. 4ch_LED constant current driver is equipped. 2. Maximum LED output current: 200 mA(peak Current:400mA MAX) 3. External setting of LED voltage by LED_LV terminal is enabled. 4. DC/DC converter is equipped. 5. Both PWM and analog dimming are enabled. 6. LED abnormality detection circuit (OPEN protection, short circuit protection) is equipped. 7. Short circuit prot […]

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BD9261FP Datasheet

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