BIT3252 PDF Datasheet – Low Cost PWM Controller

A PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controller is an electronic device or integrated circuit (IC) that generates a PWM signal to control the power output to a load, such as a motor, LED, or other electrical component. PWM is a modulation technique that involves varying the duty cycle of a square wave signal to control the average voltage delivered to the load.

Part Number: BIT3252

Function: Low Cost PWM Controller

Package: SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Beyond Innovation Technology

Images:BIT3252 pdf pinout


The BIT3252 is a high frequency PWM controller which integrates the required functions for a boost converter in a small SOP-8 package. A low 0.2V feedback voltage makes the system with high efficiency and its over voltage protection function makes the system reliable. Built-in 55V/1.2A NMOS save the space of PCB and simplify the circuit design. With CMOS process which greatly reduces the operating current, BIT3252A is very suitable for LED backlight application. […]


1. Voltage Mode PWM Controller

2. Low 0.2V reference Voltage

3. 330KHz Operation

4. Over Voltage Protection

5. Internal Soft-Start

6. Built-in 55V NMOS

7. Internal UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out)

8. Limited Output Duty Cycle

9. Low Shutdown current (0.1uA)

BIT3252 datasheet controller

BIT3252 PDF Datasheet