BOEV320WX1 – Display Module

Part Number : BOEV320WX1

Function : Display Module

Manufactures : BOE

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Suzhou BOE CHATANI Electronics Co., LTD. LCM APPROVAL Part Name : LCM MODEL NO : BOEV320WX1 Part Name : 2602802001 Effective Date : 2012.05.09 Suzhou BOE CHATANI Electronics Co.,LTD APP CKECK APPV Approved by: APP/DATE CHECK/DATE APPV/DATE PDF 文件使用 “pdfFactory Pro” 试用版本创建 1 Ver Date 1.0 2012-05-09 Revised record Revision content First release Page all Revised Cheng xiaoqing PDF 文件使用 “pdfFactory Pro” 试用版本创建 2 Contents Item No. 1.0 GENERAL Description Page 4 2.0 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING 3.0 ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS 4.0 OPTICAL SPECIFICATION 5 6 7 5.0 INTERFACE CONNECTION 9 6.0 SIGNAL TIMING SPECIFICATION 12 7.0 SIGNAL TIMING WAVEFORMS OF INTERFACE SIGNAL 12 8.0 INPUT SIGNALS, BASIC DISPLAY COLORS&GRAY SCALE OF COLORS 13 9.0 POWER SEQUENCE 14 10.0 MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS 14 11.0 RELIABLITY TEST 16 12.0 HANDLING & CAUTIONS 13.0 OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS 16 17 14.0 MECHANICAL CHARACTERTISTICS 15.0 PACKING 16.0 DEFINITION OF LABELS 19 21 21 PDF 文件使用 “pdfFactory Pro” 试用版本创建 3 1.0 GENERAL Description 1.1 Introduction BOE320WX1 is a color active matrix TFT LCD module using amorphous silicon TFT’s (Thin Film Transistors) as an active switching devices. This module has a 31.5 inch diagonally measured active area with WXGA resolutions (1366 horizontal by 768 vertical pixel array). Each pixel is divided into RED, GREEN, BLUE dots which are arranged in vertical stripe and this module can display 16.7M colors. The TFT-LCD panel used for this module is adapted for a low reflection and higher color type. 1.2 Features ●LVDS Interface with 1 pixel / clock ●High-speed response ●Low color shift image quality ●8-bit color depth, display 16. 7M colors ●High luminance and contrast ratio, low reflection and wide viewing angle ●DE (Data Enable) only ●AFFS technology is applied for high display qualify ●RoHS/Halogen Free 1.3 Application ●Home Alone Multimedia TFT-LCD TV ●Display Terminals for Control System ●High Definition TV(HD TV) ●AV application Products 1.4 General Specification PDF 文件使用 “pdfFactory Pro” 试用版本创建 4 The followings are general specifications at the model BOEV320WX1. < Table 1,General Specifications > Items Specifications Unit Screen Diagonal 31.5 inch Active Area Pixels H x V Pixel Pitch 697.685(H) ×392.256(V) 1366(H)×768(V) 0.17025×RGB×0.51075 mm pixels mm Pixel Arrangement Pixels R.G.B. Vertical Stripe White Luminance 350minimum,400typical cd/m2 (LED@120mA Per Input Pin ) Display colors 16.7M(8bit-true) colors Display mode Transmission mode,Normally Black Outline Dimension 741.4 (W) x 435.8(H) x 15.2 (T) typical mm Surface Treatment Haze 10%, 3H Back-light Lower edge side, 2-LED Lighting Bar type Note 1 PD : 7.1 (max) Power Consumption PBL : 33.6W (max) Note 2 Ptotal : 40.7 (max) Notes […]

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BOEV320WX1 Datasheet

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