BP1808 – Buck and Buck-Boost DC/DC LED Driver

Part Number : BP1808

Function : Buck and Buck-Boost DC/DC LED Driver

Manufactures : BPS

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BP1808 晶丰明源半导体 Boost, Buck and Buck-Boost DC/DC LED Driver Description The BP1808 is a DC/DC constant current LED driver with an integrated 70V/300mΩ MOSFET designed for a wide input-voltage range of 3V to 60V. The BP1808 can be configured as Buck, Boost and BuckBoost topology. With a current sense reference of 200mV, the LED current is programmed by an external current sense resistor and the power loss is minimized. The BP1808 allows both analog and PWM dimming by DIM pin. The fixed 420kHz operating frequency minimizes size of external inductor, input and output capacitor. Current mode operation provides fast transient response and easy loop stability. BP1808 offers rich protection functions including VDD under voltage protection, output over voltage protection, cycle-by-cycle peak current limit and thermal regulation. The BP1808 adopts SOP8-EP package for enhanced power dissipation. Features  Wide 3V to 60V Input Voltage Range  Supporting Boost, Buck-Boost, Buck Topology  Integrated 70V/300mΩ MOSFET  ±3% LED Output Current Accuracy  Combined Analog and PWM Dimming  Fixed 420kHz operating Frequency  Adjustable Soft-Start  Cycle-by-Cycle Peak Current Limiting  VDD Under Voltage Protection  Programmable Over Voltage Protection  Thermal Regulation Function  Available in SOP8-EP Package Applications  MR16 LED Lighting  Smart Dimming LED lighting  Automotive LED Lighting  Solar LED lighting  Other LED Lighting Typical Application (Boost) VIN 5 SW VOUT 7 6 VDD CS 8 BP1808 2 COMP OVP 1 option 3 DIM GND 4 Ordering Information Figure 1. Typical application (Boost) BP1808_EN _DS_Rev.1.1 www.bpsemi.com BPS Confidential – Customer Use Only 1 BP1808 晶丰明源半导体 Boost, Buck and Buck-Boost DC/DC LED Driver Part Number BP1808 Package SOP8-EP Operating Temperature -40 ℃ to 105 ℃ Packing Method Tape 4,000 pcs/Reel Marking BP1808 XXXXXY XYY Pin Configuration and Marking Information OVP COMP DIM GND BP1808 XXXXXY XYY CS VOUT VDD SW XXXXXY: Lot Code X: Year YY: Week Pin Definition Pin No. 1 2 3 4 5 Name OVP COMP DIM GND SW 6 VDD 7 VOUT 8 CS Figure 2. Pin configuration Description Over Voltage Protection Pin. Loop Compensation Pin. Dimming Signal Input Pin. Ground Pin. Drain Connection of Internal Low-Side Switch. Internal Regulator Output. Bypass VDD to GND with a 1uF ceramic capacitor. Output Voltage connect,IC Power Supply Pin. Current Sense Pin. Connect a resistor to VOUT to sense the LED current. BP1808_EN _DS_Rev.1.1 www.bpsemi.com BPS Confidential – Customer Use Only 2 BP1808 晶丰明源半导体 Boost, Buck and Buck-Boost DC/DC LED Driver Absolute Maximum Ratings (note1) Symbol Parameters Range Units SW Internal MOSFET drain voltage -0.3~70 V VOUT Output voltage -0.3~70 V CS CS pin voltage -0.3~70 V OVP OVP pin voltage -0.3~70 V VDD Internal regulator output voltage -0.3~6 V COMP Compensation pin voltage -0.3~6 […]

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BP1808 Datasheet

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