BTA100-800B – Specially Varieties 4Q-Triacs

Part Number : BTA100-800B

Function : Specially Varieties 4Q-Triacs

Manufactures : HAOHAI

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100A 绝缘型 高压 四象限双向可控硅【产品参数规格书】 BTA100 Series Specially Varieties 4Q-Triacs  產品特性:NPNPN五層結構的硅雙向器件,具有自主知識產權的單面挖槽技術,檯面玻璃鈍化工藝;  產品特性:背面多層金屬化電極;具有較高有阻斷電壓、較高的溫度穩定性;大電流、絕緣型封裝。  主要用於:加熱控制器、調溫設備、彩燈控制器、固態繼電器、吸塵器、電動工具、馬達調速控制器;其它相控電路。 Part Number BTA100-600B BTA100-800B BTA100-1000B BTA100-1200B BTA100-1400B BTA100-1600B BTA100-1800B-    - 未量产 IT(RMS) 100A VRMD / VRRM 600V 800V 1000V 1200V 1400V 1600V 1800V- IGT ≤50mA Package TOP4 ■ PINNING: Insulated Package Pin 管脚排列 Symbol Description 对应极性 极性含义 1 T1 第一陽極 2 3 G 門-控制極 4 T2 第二陽極 5 Tab 散熱片 Pin Polarity Circuit Diagram 脚位与极性 电路符号表示 TOP4 (TO-4PT or TO-228) 绝缘型封装 Tab 1 2 3 4 T2 (2) T1 (1) G (3) H BT A ↓↓↓ 100 – 1600 ↓↓ IT(RMS) 100A 600=600V 800=800V 1000=1000V 1200=1200V 1400=1400V 1600=1600V 1800=1800V B_ ↓↓ IGT Ⅰ-Ⅱ-Ⅲ ≤50mA Package TOP4 HAOHAI ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. BT: Bi-directional Triode BT: 三端双向可控硅开关 A:绝缘型封装 Insulated B:不绝缘型封装 Non Insulated HAOHAI ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. 第1页 共5页 致力於中國功率器件優秀供應商 BTA100 Series TOP4 100A 绝缘型 高压 四象限双向可控硅【产品参数规格书】 BTA100 Series Specially Varieties 4Q-Triacs ■ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGs SYMBOL Signification in Symbol IT(RMS) ITSM RMS On-state Current (full sine wave) Non Repetitive Surge Peak on-state Current IGM Peak Gate Current I2t I2t Value for Fusing Consideration VDRM Repetitive peak off-state Voltages 见型号对照列表 VRRM Repetitive peak Reverse Voltages 见型号对照列表 PG(AV) Average gate power dissipation Tj Operating Junction Temperature Range Tstg Storage Junction Temperature Range Rth(j-c) Thermal Resistance−Junction−to−Case Rth(j-a) Thermal Resistance−Junction−to−Ambient ■绝缘电阻特征 : ISOLATION LIMITING VALUE & CHARACTERISTIC (Ths=25 ℃ unless otherwise specified) Test Conditions TC=80℃ TJ=25℃, f=60Hz tp=20µs, Tj=125℃ tp=10mS, Tj=25℃ TJ=25℃ TJ=25℃ Tj=25℃ TOP4 Value 100 1000 8 6400 Unit A A2ses 600~1800 V 1 -40 ~ +125 -40 ~ +150 0.9 50 W ℃ ℃/W ■STATIC CHARACTERISTICS SYMBOL Paramenter & Test Conditions IGT VD=12V, RL=30Ω IH IL dV/dt (dv/dt)C di/dt RD VGT VGD VTO VTM IDRM IRRM IT=500mA IG=1.2 IGT VD=2/3 VDRM gate open Without snubber Critical Rate of Rise of On−State Current Dynamic resistance slops Resistance VD=12V, RL=30Ω, Tj=25℃ VD=12VDC, RL=30Ω, Tj=25℃ ITM=82A, tp=380µs ITM=82A, tp=380µs VD=VDRM, VR=VRRM VD=VDRM, VR=VRRM Quadrant Ⅰ(T2+G+ […]

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BTA100-800B Datasheet

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