BTS412A PDF – 45V, PROFET, Transistor – Siemens

This post explains for the semiconductor BTS412A.

The Package is TO-220 Type.

The function of this semiconductor is PROFET.

Manufacturer: Siemens Semiconductor Group

Product Images:

BTS412A transistor


BTS412A is 45V, PROFET. PROFET stands for “Protected MOSFET” and is a brand name of Siemens, Infineon, a semiconductor manufacturer. MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) is a type of transistor commonly used in electronic circuits for switching or amplifying electronic signals.

PROFET devices are a specialized type of MOSFETs designed specifically for automotive applications. They are used in various automotive systems, such as power window control, seat control, lighting control, and other functions that require high-performance, reliable switching capabilities.


1. High-side switch

2. Short-circuit protection

3. Overtemperature protection

4. Input protection

5. Open-load detection in off-condition

6. Undervoltage shutdown

7. Negative transient voltage peak at inductive load limited to – 10 V

8. Staus output


BTS412A pinout datasheet

Ordering Code : C67078-A5300-A5

Maximum Ratings:

1. Breakdown voltage : Vbb(BR) = 45 V
2. Short-circuit current : Isc = self-limited
3. Max. power dissiapation : Ptot = 75 W

The PROFET devices incorporate additional protection features compared to standard MOSFETs. These protection features include overtemperature protection, overcurrent protection, and short-circuit protection. These protections help to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the devices in demanding automotive environments, where they may be subjected to high temperatures, voltage spikes, and other harsh conditions.

BTS412A pdf transistor

BTS412A PDF Datasheet